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About us

Our Work

Unity Works e.V. serves as a dedicated project coordination and problem-solving hub, leveraging its expertise and knowledge to facilitate impactful initiatives. With a mission to drive positive change, we collaborate with diverse local partners to address complex challenges, offering guidance, resources, and innovative solutions. Through its problem-solving mindset, Unity Works strives to empower partners and communities to achieve their goals and create a better future.

What we strive to achieve

  • Provide conditions for people and nature to thrive in
  • Connect people and ideas
  • Support communities and empower people
  • Facilitate sustainable development
  • Foster equality

How we operate

  • Exchanging ideas and opinions
  • Building lasting partnerships
  • Exchanging knowledge
  • Fostering mutual learning and understanding
  • Telling stories
  • Keeping an open mind


Shred Up

ShredUp is implementing plastic recycling projects in regions with little or no corresponding infrastructure. The focus is on educating the population, setting up a plastic waste collection infrastructure, aswell as establishing and operating recycling centers.


Matsarigi is a CBO (community based organisation) operating in Matsangoni, Kenya. Its work focuses on women’s empowerment and school education for children. They are also interested in all kinds of innovative project ideas that could benefit the local community.

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